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Vetted And Approved London Roofing Company

67 Wingate Square, Clapham Town, SW4 0AF

Tel 020 7205 4443
Onsite 07496 811540

Vetted And Approved London Roofing Company


At South West London Roofing we specialise in leadwork so you have come to the right place.

We are approved members of trusted roofing trade associations and we have a network of local residents and commercial building block management companies that have written excellent customer reviews which we will happily show you upon request.

  • Lead repairs of any kind
  • Lead flashing
  • Lead soakers
  • Flat roof lead valleys

Most properties in South West London have parapet walls, butterfly roofs and flat roofs not to mention a great deal of chimneys which have very old flashing. These can be problem areas for home and business owners but not for our team at South West London Roofing. Week in week out we fix leaks and have a great knowledge of Older Victorian and Georgian properties.


If you have a problem with your chimney you need to act fast and call in the professionals at South West London Roofing.

Our knowledgeable team offer free call outs and will assess your roof to make sure your chimney is safe and in working order. You cannot afford to leave a chimney unattended to when you know there may be a problem for the sake of you and your neighbours.

As part of our free call out, all brickwork and roof tiles will be checked to make sure everything is sound along with chimney pots and cowls being looked at too. If your chimney breast needs to be repointed or leadwork needs to be repaired, then a detailed written quotation of the works will be provided at a competitive price.

We specialise in chimney repair and reconstruction and replace clay chimney pots regularly. Having worked in South West London for many years, we have expert knowledge of chimneys in this area that have very old flashing, we have solutions to suit any eventuality.

So, for leadwork and chimney repairs do not hesitate to contact the experts on 020 7205 4443 , we look forward to your call.